Motu Novu Labs

Motu Novu Labs is proprietary makerspace open to members and stakeholders of Motu Novu, a federation of independent professionals, and other talented creators. Some of Motu Novu’s professionals are accomplished entrepreneurs, experienced engineers, talented designers, or tinkerers who enjoy the challenge of making something entirely new.


Motu Novu Labs develops new inventions, prototypes, intellectual property, and product concepts. The focus is mostly on proprietary projects, but occasionally Motu Novu Labs undertakes assignments on behalf of clients. Projects are developed from the initial concept, through the proof-of-concept stage, to the alpha or beta stage depending on the project. At such point, Motu Novu Labs either attempts to directly monetize the project, for example through IP protection, or spins off a stand-alone new venture dedicated to the project.


Motu Novu Labs operates a small but well-appointed facility which supports both subtractive and additive processes, including woodworking, metalworking, plastics shaping, electronics, and many more. It is equipped with a cornucopia of diverse tools (most generic, some specialized), and it is organized as the quintessential prototype shop, sans the mess. Access is restricted to members and their guests.

Logo and Motto

The logo of Motu Novu Labs features the black sheep mascot characteristic of Motu Novu, and the Latin inscription “Inveniam Viam Aut Faciam”, a phrase attributed to Hannibal (ca. 247–183 BC), the famous Carthaginian general. Confronted by his generals, who believed it impossible to cross the Alps with elephants, Hannibal supposedly responded (probably in Phoenician, later in Latin in the works of Seneca and others):

“Either I will find a way, or I shall make one”.