Motu Novu is an international federation of independent professionals. We bring together entrepreneurs, executives, technologists, designers, attorneys, and other extraordinary individuals from many walks of life. Our professionals work together on assignments which are often complex, interdisciplinary, and multi-local.

Motu Novu serves dynamic, ambitious, and innovative entrepreneurs, companies, and institutions that wish to maximize the success of their businesses and projects. As a business catalyst, we offer a variety of advisory and other services designed to help our clients define, execute, and monetize new ideas.

Motu Novu differs from most traditional consultancies: while others push recycled talking points, we actively work with our clients to deliver tangible results. We are not for everyone: we favor partnering with clients who value domain experience, focus on execution over politics, and welcome earnest feedback.

Brief History

Motu Novu was started in early 2009 by two MIT alumni and technology entrepreneurs. It was conceived as a new model for professional services: an organization which is inherently flexible, multi-local, and multi-disciplinary, without the dehumanizing structure, crushing overhead, and operational incompetence of traditional consultancies. Over the past decade, Motu Novu has grown from a contrarian experiment to a recognized brand, with associates and clients worldwide. We like to think that the best is yet come. Ad maiora.

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