Motu Novu Capital Partners

Motu Novu Capital Partners is the investment arm of Motu Novu, a federation of independent professionals. Many of Motu Novu’s clients are technology ventures in industries such as enterprise software, Internet infrastructure and services, IOT devices, industrial equipment, and more. Many of Motu Novu’s professionals are themselves entrepreneurs and/or are currently active in the startup scene. Over the years, Motu Novu has developed significant expertise on how to identify, value, and support successful technology ventures. Motu Novu Capital Partners is a tool which allows members of the Motu Novu federation to pool and make selective investments in disruptive new ideas and companies.


Motu Novu Capital Partners focuses on technology ventures in the very initial stage of development, what we like to call the “start stage”. In practice, we will typically invest up to $100K at valuations below $2M, and will prefer to take active advisory, board, or managerial roles. Motu Novu Capital Partners favors investing in Motu Novu’s existing clients, or in companies championed by entrepreneurs who are or have been clients of Motu Novu’s. Having an established and personal knowledge of the individuals behind investment targets is paramount, because investing at the very early stage is the business of backing people, not companies.

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