The Motu Novu name is a trade mark derived from the Latin expression “Motu Novo” (ablative case), which can be translated as “in regards to new motion” or simply as “in new motion”. Interestingly, the Latin “novus” has a broader connotation than that of its English descendent “new”, and may also be rendered as “novel”, “fresh” or “uncharted”. The name, in two words, says it all about Motu Novu’s endeavor: to help set new ideas in motion.


Motu Novu’s logo was born while doodling (perhaps in frustration) about the idiomatic expression: “thinking outside the box”… a mantra for mediocrity, often chanted to bashfully justify, or perhaps to magically ward against, any attempt to deviate from the comforts of conformity. Motu Novus’ method is different: strive to be realistic, start from what is, but also be visionary, never artificially limit what can be.


Motu Novu’s seal is sometimes used to imprint documents, or embellish our marketing materials. Its inscription is often attributed to Appius Claudius Caecus, a consul of the ancient Roman Republic who was blinded by the gods (“caecus” means “blind” in Latin) for his many unconventional ideas. “Faber Est Suae Quisque Fortunae” is the quintessential manifest of the “homo faber”: not bound by preordained fate, but maker of one’s own good fortune.

Mascot and Motto

Motu Novu’s marketing materials often feature our mascot, a smiling black sheep, and the catch-phrase: “free is happy”. As pragmatists, our professionals acknowledge the benefits of shared values, pooled resources, and coordinated efforts. At the same time, they believe that the pursuit of happiness often leads away from the security of the herd. Perhaps, just like the color of our mascot’s wool, Motu Novu’s drive to innovate is genetic.

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