Motu Novu offers a variety of advisory services designed to help our clients define, execute, and monetize new ideas. We differ from most traditional consultancies: while others push recycled talking points, we actively work with our clients to deliver tangible results.



Disclaimer. Motu Novu is not a law firm and does not offer or resell legal advisory. Motu Novu is not a tax advisory firm and does not offer or resell tax advisory or tax preparation. Motu Novu is not a financial advisor or intermediary, and does not offer or resell financial or investment advisory, brokerage services, or other restricted financial services. Motu Novu retains the services of external legal, tax, and financial advisers in accordance with all applicable Federal and State laws and, when operating internationally, with all applicable local laws. Motu Novu may act as a single point of contact and billing for all retained external services.